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problem solved

Austin SevenPosted by Robbie Thu, November 24, 2016 16:36:08

Following the first trip out and the engine becoming "lumpy" I did some investigation... Firstly looking at fuel which all looked ok.. Then looking at spark which at first seemed good but then I noticed it seemed a little inconsistent.. Upon further investigation I found that the rotor arm on the dizzy had a fair bit of sideways movement and hence was not operating as hoped...

So, stripped the dizzy to find the bushes on the rotor arm shaft where stuffed... purchased a new set, installed and all is good!! I did also find that one of the contacts on the points was wobbling around, so sorted that too...

Engine running very nicely now.

Car pretty much confined to the garage now as the winter weather has arrived. Will do some tinkering with a few things over the dark months and hope to be ready to put some serious miles on it in the spring..