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Now it really looks like a car...

Austin SevenPosted by Robbie Mon, June 13, 2016 12:31:15
So, I collected the wheels and body on Friday and am so so pleased with the results. The wheels look really good, with the new tyres and paint and the body looks fantastic. I'm really pleased the way the colour has turned out. For anyone that has done this sort of thing in the past you know how nervous you get awaiting the finished product after only seeing the colour on a piece of card in a colour book...

As you can see from the images below I have got the body back on the chassis and am making good progress.. The bonnet straps are only there to see what they look like at this stage as I still have to fit the buckles etc. to them. I collect the dashboard and other black items this week from the paint shop so should have that in this weekend!Hoping that the leather for the seats will arrive this week so I can get those in.... Getting close to 1st jaunt down the road :-)